The Golden Ticket

Adriano Zumbo and Darren at Roberto Design

with Adriano Zumbo and Darren J Robertson – held at Valuccine Flagship Store in Kemang, Jakarta.

“A great sharing  with 2 Australian Masterchef in Valcucine Flagship Store in Jakarta.  Darren J Robertson and Adriano Zumbo were sharing their “treasured” recipe and spreading the art of cooking with young aspiring chefs in Indonesia. William Wongso the Celebrity Chef from Indonesia also participated in this cooking class in Valcucine Kemang.

This event was initiated by the General Manager of The Nest Grill, Arnold Poernomo, and successfully executed with the collaboration of Ike Malada Consultancy. This cooking class was attended by many participants.  Arnold said the response to the cooking class was overwhelming.   Many had to be turned away.

Darren J Robertson, the man behind Tetsuya Sydney and now co-owner and chef at The Three Blue Ducks and The Table Sessions,  shared his skill to cook a wagyu steak in Valcucine Jakarta.  This is the most opportune subject as most people in Jakarta like to have meat as their main course.  His cooking demonstration is a great contribution to those who join cooking class.

Adriano Zumbo has been a well-known patisserie whose creations elicit admiration from critics and the public alike and for good reason.  They’re unique in concept and execution – quite simply, you won’t find anything else quite like it anywhere else. Some people even called him as a genius in creating a variety of recipes and new techniques in the culinary world. His most recent achievement is the publsihing of his own cookbook; sharing his recipes and techniques of making his cake entitled “Zumbo!” (Learn more about Adriano Zumbo on

The interesting thing about this cooking class held in Valcucine Flagship Store in Kemang is that all the ingredient used is local produce which you can buy from the local supermarket or specialty stores in Indonesia. This breaks the myth that for making a good cake, we must have imported material.

Adriano demonstrated the making of Pandan Ganache Macaron with white chocolate with pandan flavor and  Perfection Mangosteen, mangosteen fruit-flavored eclairs,  inspiration he gotten when visiting the marketplace the day before the event.”