Valcucine’s Approach & Philosophy
Valcucine’s vision is to be an ethical company whose production reflects deep look after its users, its employees, the environment & the world community. Ecological & ethical responsibility extends throughout every stage of Valcucine’s manufacturing, beginning with our green & comfortable work surroundings, which inspires the invention of safe method with no poisonous emissions, all the way through to industrial waste recycling. Valcucine is committed to producing 100% recyclable kitchens made of 100% recycle materials. The continuous search for technological & aesthetic solutions, to reconcile Humanity & Nature, leads us to materials & design with a fresh beauty that works for the 21st century.

Valcucine has developed ergonomic studies to produce a customised kitchen in which dimensions, distances, opening & access method, visibility & work all alter perfectly to those who use them, like a tailor-made garment made-to-measure on the purchaser.

Man’s health is of Valcucine’s priorities. Controlling the volatile substances contained in varnishes & glues, checking for artificial radioactivity, choosing eco-compatible materials & natural finishes, are every day actions that the company implements to protect the wellbeing of its customers.

Valcucine involves in respecting for the environment by restoring raw materials & natural resources & by sourcing a design that has utmost respect for the environment &, consequently, for Man.

Responsible manufacturing
Valcucine is the first Italian Kitchen manufacturer which subjects its products to rigorous Italian industry testing (GS). Cabinet carcasses are constructed
of F**** chipboard (low formaldehyde) & are P3 water resistant. Our dedication to eco-friendly production has earned Valcucine UNI EN ISO 14001

Support for the environment
Valcucine founded Bioforest, an independent, not-for profit organization dedicated to environmental protection in the Amazon basin, reforestation, & educational programs around the globe. Through the reforestation supported by Bioforest, Valcucine achieved to balance its CO2 yearly output.

Strong like a diamond
Valcucine glass worktop is tempered glass and has been tested with a metal ball 0,5 kg with height two metres. The glass worktop material is strong and safe by any materials that fall on the worktop.

Warmth and Know-how
The wooden kitchen with a technological heart. The new Walnut finish combines with technological research of the aluminum frames, carbon-finish drawer sides and glass base unit carcasses. Custom and innovation blend harmoniously to interpret the requirements of the 21st century human habitat in the best feasible way.

The Alessi kitchen process will make you feel nice. Not only because it is designed with the latest know-how in mind, including built-in energy-savingĀ  features and following ergonomic principles, but because its aesthetic was the result of research in to design evoking emotional responses, and the way itĀ  does so.

Curved lines generate the poetry inherent in Lacucinaalessi, and make up the over-all motif used throughout the project, giving it life and contributing to its enveloping, sinuous and dynamic sense.

Beyond that, these rounded edges make the kitchen safer for children and help generate a relaxed and happy atmosphere. And, this kitchen is produced with materials that respect the strictest standards on the emission of formaldehyde. The wooden and glass elements are coated with water-based varnishes that drastically reduce the emissions of solvents and eliminate cancer-inducing aromatic solvents.

All colorants used do not contain heavy metals, including poisonous lead. All glass parts are tempered for high resistance and safety.

Because of its innovations, Lacucinaalessi has been awarded the GS Italian quality and safety mark.

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