DEMODE by valcucine

DEMODE by Valcucine, acronym of Democratic Modern Design, is a name showing a democratic and humanistic conception of design, meant as a tool designed to simplify everyone’s daily life. DEMODE by Valcucine provides a renovating way to reach a better way of life. Regarding the four cornerstones of eco-compatibility: minimum consumption of raw materials and energy, long durability, recyclability and non-toxic finishes, DEMODE by Valcucine is intent to the environment and believes that a sustainable kitchen must educate to awareness of the natural resource used when preparing for food. At the center of ergonomics, DEMODE by Valcucine know how essential it is to have everything on hand in the kitchen and, above all, how prolonged and repeated activities must not oblige the user to extravagant physical exertion. This is why DEMODE by Valcucine gives particular attention to ergonomics.

Care over detail creates all the difference. DEMODE by Valcucine Kitchens are the best possible solution as those anticipating quality, functionality and design with production 100% made-in Italy. They meet the maximum standards in terms of shapes, materials, machining and components because DEMODE by Valcucine’s strong point is absolute precision, The refined kitchen profiles have a high mechanical resistance to keep real quality. Care about health with products in low formaldehyde emissions. DEMODE by Valcucine fulfills random tests to check for volatile substances harmful for the health of man, artificial radioactivity and adherence to the strictest regulations on formaldehyde emissions. DEMODE by Valcucine kitchen doors can offer a astonishing selection of more than 100 options of lacquer and laminate colours in matt and gloss versions to customize your perfect kitchen. A vast range of colour and texture combinations grant customers to design their unqiue styles of kitchen.

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