Benedetti Mobili develops wardrobes which are safely constructed, with superiority materials and appropriate construction methods. A special attention is  reserved for the environmental impact on nature and men: wardrobes are painted using water-colours or, on some examples, simply natural woods are applied. A  non-toxicity certificate, awarded by the relevant authority, accompanies all our wardrobes. As example, the option not to use chipboard: Honeycomb core panels are composed of a wooden perimetrical structure with external plywood penels. This renders the wardrobes light, strong and resistant. Chipboard is produced from compressed wood shavings and glue. It degenerates easily when subject to winter humidity and extravagant summer heat thus failing to  assure a correct and long-lasting grip of the hardware on the wardrobe. This is the reason that Benedetti Mobili applies only honeycomb core panels. The wardrobes constructed by Benedetti Mobili are non toxic.

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